Visit Westland

Visit Westland

Welcome to Westland

Take a walk in the Glass City and discover historic grape growing, greenhouses full of flowers and vegetables, picturesque gardeners' lanes, extensive sailing routes and kilometers of cycling and walking routes along a beautiful, quiet coast and through old village centers.

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Discover Westland

Westland, a hidden treasure, is no more than a 20-minute drive from Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam. Between many greenhouses, you will find stunning landmarks, rural roads, extensive waterways, hiking and cycling trails that go for miles, as well as a peaceful coastline around 9 kilometres long. Westland has an extraordinary history as Dutch viticulture was born here. Although this type of cultivation has grown to be historic, in Westland you can still see how these products were traditionally cultivated. The Westland region has grown into one of the biggest horticulture areas in the world. All fresh products produced in Westland are also available at local stores and supermarkets!