Practical information

Practical information

Plan your visit to Westland well. View the accessibility of Westland, read about beach safety, the surrounding regions and more.

Practical information

Find all practical information for your visit to Westland here.


Westland is located between The Hague, Delft and Hoek van Holland.

To Westland by car

You can reach the Westland region via the A20 from Rotterdam in the direction of Naaldwijk / Hoek van Holland. And via the A4 from Den Haag exit Naaldwijk / Wateringen. Parking is free almost everywhere! Plan your route here.

To Westland by public transport

Are you coming to Westland by public transport?

From Rotterdam Central you take the train to Schiedam Centrum. In Schiedam Centrum, bus 36 leaves for the center of Naaldwijk, bus station Verdilaan.
From The Hague HS take the train to Station Rijswijk. In Rijswijk bus 30 leaves via Wateringen and Kwintsheul to the center of Naaldwijk, bus station Verdilaan.
From Station Delft bus 32 goes via Den Hoorn and Lier to the center of Naaldwijk, bus station Verdilaan.

At bus station Verdilaan you can change to bus 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 36.

Bus 30: Naaldwijk - Kwintsheul - Wateringen - Rijswijk
Bus 31: Naaldwijk - 's-Gravenzande - Monster - Den Haag
Bus 32: Naaldwijk - De Lier - Den Hoorn - Delft
Bus 33: Naaldwijk - Maasdijk - Maassluis
Bus 34: Naaldwijk - Monster
Bus 35: Den Haag - Poeldijk - Monster - 's-Gravenzande - Hoek van Holland
Bus 36: Schiedam - Naaldwijk - Honselersdijk - Poeldijk - Den Haag
Bus 37: Delft - Den Hoorn - Wateringen - Den Haag

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There are two Tourist Switch Points in Westland. A 'junction' where various signposted and unmarked cycling and walking routes start or come together. A TOP is easily accessible by car and has ample parking.

TOP Wateringen 
Dorpskade 79, Wateringen

TOP Wateringen is located nearby the restaurant "De Bonte Haas". Beautiful routes for cyclists and walkers start here. A great starting point to discover Westland and the region Midden-Delfland.

TOP Westland
Vlotlaan 535, Monster

TOP Westland is located at theme park De Westlandse Druif and offers an ideal starting point for a walk or bike ride to the dunes and the beach or through the green areas of the Westland.



The rescue brigade ensures the beach safety of the Westland coast. Safe enjoyment of the sea, sun and water in Westland?

  • Only go swimming in places where it is permitted.
  • Always keep an eye on children, both in the water and on the beach.
  • Alcohol & swimming do not go together. This is life-threatening.
  • Never swim alone. Even the best swimmer can get into trouble.
  • Do not use floating objects when there is off-shore wind.
  • Do not dig deep holes on the beach due to the risk of collapse and suffocation.
  • Do not jump from breakwaters or other structures.
  • Keep to the designated zones for various water sports.
  • Note the warning flags.
  • Use the wristbands for children that can be picked up for free at the Rescue Brigade.
  • Always follow the instructions of the Rescue Brigade!

In the period from 15 May to 15 September, the Westlandse rescue brigades ('s-Gravenzande and Monster) are present on the beach every Saturday and Sunday. The lifeguards are present daily during the summer holidays.

With the international flags in different colors along the coast, several warnings can be given:

Did you know that ... the Westland beaches have been allowed to hoist the Blue flag for five years. This is the international environmental award for clean and safe beaches! More and up-to-date information about the Westland rescue brigades can be found at: and



Westland is close to the cities of The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam. It is therefore an excellent base for visiting the region.

The Hague

The Hague is the city of peace and justice. The city offers plenty of opportunities for culture and shopping.


Delft is the city of Delft Blue porcelain, the Dutch Royal family and Johannes Vermeer.


Rotterdam is a port city with surprising modern architecture.

Hoek van Holland

"De Hoek" is a lively seaside resort bordering the North Sea and the Nieuwe Waterweg. A special attraction is the Maeslantkering.